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stacey fike

happy new year!!!
you two are adorable!!
the necklace display is incredible, no onder you cried!
i can't wait to see the new stuff!!!


You two are seriously TOO CUTE!!! Love your picture! And yeah he is definitely a keep. That stand rocks! All the engraving really paid of, it's gorgeous!

And I'm dying to see the new stuff!

Congrats on sucha great year and hope 2007 bring so much more for you!

natalie folf

Just wanted to say...you rock....found your blog last night and I love your products. I can't wait to get some stuff and start creating!!!! You are going to have an amazing following!



He did an awesome job on the stand. That is too cool. I can't wait to see you all in Anaheim ,,, cuz I'm going. Woohoo. I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! Keep the great stuff coming!!


that is awesome! what a cool gift :)
you look so pretty in that pic... love it, allison!
happy new year!!!

Tracey Odachowski

WOW! What an amazing display! And I love the pic of the two of you!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the jewelry stand is so fabulous! what a wonderful & thoughtful gift. wishing you all the best in '07!


Happy new year to you! Hope it is even better than 2006! What an AWESOME stand...it's beautiful! Can't wait to see what you all come up with @ CHA! Good luck to you! MargieH in Chicago


That dichoric glass is so freaking cool.

Christina Padilla

That display stand is Hooooooooot! He's def a keeper Allison! and btw, you look so beautiful in that picture! Total supermodel.

Wishing you and hambly the best in 2007!




I love the rack! What a beaut! And I LOVE the two necklaces I gifted myself with! So does everyone else... the compliments keep pouring in! :)

Sandra Mohon

Love it! And LOVE your Art Glass as you may have already guessed. :D Didn't realize you had a blog until I found the Hambly website and placed an order for a lot of overylays tonight. I love that stand you DB made for you, he did good. Great engraving too by the way. Glad to have found your blog and art.

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