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wow, those ornaments are gorgeous!

corinne delis

holy moly girl this just rocks my world! you are so darn creative!



stunning creations! i think you are a genius!

kerry lynn


Breanne Crawford

those are STUNNING!!!

Holly Hanks

Wow! Those are just absolutely amazing!

Anilu Magloire

They are just perfect!


They turned out beautiful!!!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!


omg!!gorgeous!! They do not deserve to be put in a box, wrapped in some paper:)

Amber Ulmer

Flippen incredible!!! I so want one!!!

Kelly Rodgers

These are absolutely stunning!!
I can just picture my tree all wrapped up in them!!

Michelle Jacquemet

Those ornaments are beautiful. I'm sorry that the vase thing just wasn't working out. I know that feeling. I looked into that place you told me about and I think I will go there to check it out. It seems fairly inexpensive for lampworking. Thanks for telling me about it!


Goodness gracious... How BEAUTIFUL!

Laura (berrybest1)

These are gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

Cincy Barb

I think it's always good to leave your art out where you can see it. You never know when it will spark another idea. Sometimes just putting it in a different room changes the whole effect. I just love those beautiful creative hanging balls of glass!

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