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rebecca harper

WOW, you have been really busy.. great job on all the little crafty items... they are awesome... don't you just love the SLR... once you try it you'll never go back...plus you get great photos... no more blurriness... take care...

Wendy Jo

Ribbon Candy, chocolate straws and clear toy candy. I love the old fashion holiday candies. So, what time should I arrive for dinner?

kerry lynn

ooohhhh.... melted candy canes and ganache and brownies. oh. my!

Anilu Magloire

Your table looks perfect, Alison!
I miss entertaing like that so much...

How about sharing those recipes??? Pleeease???


Girrrrl ,, you went all out!!! The table looks awesome!!!!

marci lambert

wow, alison. your table looks fantastic!

miss morgan

ohmygosh! that peppermint topping on the brownies looks so rad! i might have to try that!

Holly Hanks

*sigh* I can't stop staring at that glass garland in the glass holders. The colors are so pretty! Your tabletop is lovely, and those brownies look so fun!


love that centerpiece. did you see rebecca sower's wire sprays with the same beads. so much fun. just too little time! glad i stumbled on your blog.


Amazing photos and SO much inspiration - thank you! :D

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