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Teresa Loop

Oh wow - how cool is that?!!!!


These are beautiful Allison! I am going to check out your shop. You amaze me how talented you are girl.


The houndstooth are cool! I still love the one that I have!!


Wow - very cool indeed!! Might have to check out your shop too!!! I've been enabled!!

Sasha Farina

ohhh... those are gorgeouS!! Just gorgeous!

Michelle Jacquemet

Oh so pretty! So I finally got all the proper tools to lamp work in my garage, except I don't have a table yet).


Thanks for the peeks and have fun planning your wedding. So exciting!


Gonna have to take a stroll in your shop :)


I need that camera one! left you a message at Etsy! Thanks, Rebecca

Elwood Draffen

A miracle of creation. Glass looks so beautiful before, during, and after it's turned to art, no? It's wonderful to see them in those forms...

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