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Sandrine alias Didine

Great Pictures ! I hope you're having fun there in NYC ! Smooches sparkled with cinnamon and vanilla from Belgium ;-)


Looks like the hotel has decided to decorate with some UBER XL Hambly!!! So cool! And how cute are those uglies???


oh wow, this bar is just too cool!!! Love the invites you've done, too. Have fun in NYC.

Grace P

Oh My Goodness where is that hotel with the chandalier I have to go find it and take a picture! I love your chandaliers collect everything! Hugs Grace

Teresa Loop

Oh WOW! The booth looks great, and I love the invitations, the woodgrain is very cool.

Enjoy NY - good luck at the show!

Michelle Jacquemet

That invitation is just beautiful. I bet you're having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing some pictures!

Rebecca Harper

Isn't it awsome that hambly is such a huge trent setter.... it must have been really cool to be there...

Kelly Evans

I think that is the coolest hotel room I have ever seen!!!


booth looks awesome!

betsy sammarco

Loved your booth! I was at the show looking for stuff for my husband's little gift section of his store and had to stop in yours while I was there. Such great stuff! I jotted down a lot of things to hand over to my lss . . . :)

Lea Lawson

Wow...that last photo is just amazing!


Anabelle O'Malley

The invitations were gorgeous in person! Loved them. (and the Ugly Dolls, too!) That bar photo is fabulous!


omgosh i need to know which hotel that is! beautiful. love the invites too - so pretty!

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