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You are so creative! Those pumpkins are way cute and the vase you made is so adorable as well. I cant wait to see your recycle beer necklaces.

Awesome new card too! Very cute.


love the pumpkins and the vase is so gorgeous!


Your glass work is beautiful. I would love to hear how you got into that?

ca longhorn

gorgeousness Allison! and love the card too =)


Love those pumpkins! And I love that card!


If you ever make another vase like that one and put it up for sale, let us know. It's beautiful. You have got some crazy talent.


Which art and craft faires do you attend? Would love to check it out.

Christi O.

Omg, I LOOOOVE your pumpkins!! I've always been in awe of people who can create blown glass masterpieces like that....just amazing!!


I am in love with your pumpkins!! And that wedding card is perfect.


I just found your store (already stopped by and made a purchase!) and now found your blog. My daughter has always been enthralled with blown glass ever since she was a little girl. Your pumpkins and vases are beautiful!

betsy sammarco

Wow - those pumpkins are gorgeous!


Those pumpkins are beautiful!

Ronda Palazzari

ohh my goodness, I love the glass pumpkins and vase. They are so so so so beautiful!

Theresa Perry

Although I've subscribed to your newsletter for quite some time, this is the first time I've visited your blog! Everything on it is interesting and fun..... My FAVORITE is that simple but FUN wedding card! I'll be ordering some of those mustashes for the store! Very CUTE!

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