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wow...it's turning out beautifully! LOVE the kitchen. I say no on the black tape but maybe give it a try to see what it looks like ;)


leave the kitchen as is...it looks fabulous!


i love your kitchen as is...
gorgeous, everything! :)
love every bit :)

stacey fike

wow a!! it all looks like pics from a magazine!! i vote no tape too.


Wow, what great colors you've got goin' on there!!

I say no to the tape, I love it the way it is!


ooh you are right...your bathroom is awesome! do you have a window in there? i need to redo my first floor bath and love that color...but is it too dark?


even though lichtenstein is a fab fav, i vote no tape.

you did a wonderful job picking out all the colors. i will be referring to your site when I get my place and have to paint it. thanks for all the constant inspo!


i LOVE your place. SO much. and i vote no tape , too ... just because i love it now!

Michelle Sanders

It all looks AWESOME! I adore your color choices!

Amber Ulmer

A-mazing girl!!! So HAPPY!!!! I wanna come over!!! haha xoxo I dunno bout the black tape... hmm... sounds like a good idea... id have to see it. going to get the domino!

Heather Prins

i love the colors you chose!

Heidi Montgomery

Daaaang... your house is rad! I am with the popular vote and I say no tape. Those colors are all awesome!


love the colors - i vote no tape, too. gorgeous work, though!


Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! Awesome. I love what you have done. Absolutely gorgeous!! (I have that same wine holder) I love your taste in decor!!


Love the paint colors! Where did you get the wine holder?

Tracey Odachowski

OMG Allison!!!!!!!!! The house looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anilu Magloire

Such a cool place, Alison. Enjoy it and be very happy living in it:)


I LOVE your color choices. Wow! Will you come do my house next PUUULEEEEASE??


im digging ur wall colors...
so vibrant makes me wanna create in ur pad:)

i say you should try the black tape...
it doesnt hurt to try:)


Leave it--It's perfect the way it is! I've heard that black is difficult to cover up if you want to change it.


oh my G your appartment ROCKS!!
oh and BTW I don't think you need the black tape IMHO...


amazing--lovin the funky feel & the colors!

cindy b.

Your house looks like it's straight from a hip, cool home decor magazine!! Don't change a thing!!!

Helle Greer

Way cool!!! Love all your colour choices...
So happy for you.


I love love love the colors - that's a happy place!! Great job =)

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