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Michelle Jacquemet

So cool! I was walking on El Camino Real in San Mateo and I saw these wood chandeliers that totally reminded me of the Hambly chandeliers. Looking forward to your class tomorrow!

Breanne Crawford

thats awesome! congrats!

and awesome choice for guest designer!


I think I have to run out tomorrow and buy a white soap dispenser cause DANG that is cute!!!!!


OMG ,, how cute is that owl on that dispenser. I wouldn't have thought to do something like that. Love it!!!!!

I can't wait to see Kerry's schtuff!!

Anilu Magloire

Such great ideas!! Congrats, Alison :)


I want that whole little pink, black and turquoise room! Wowzers!


all fab! I'm planning to use some rubs on my bathroom mirror (might wait till Hubby's out then surprise him!)


I love that I didn't even think of that! Although can I just tell you I LUV YOUR PRODUCTS! I had the hardest time finding these rub-ons but I finally did and it is almost all gone! They are all over my stuff! I put a cute little bird on my mirror, and some in my kitchen they are on a cute mini book that I did along with the fabulous overlays I found them at a consumer show once and had to stock up thigs that good never last long in the stores near me! I have to make trips often to make sure I am there when they get the good new products! Keep it coming! Thanks, Heather

Michelle Gauthier

Very, very cool ideas! Love them! :)

greta adams

that is way cool!!


LOVE LOVE these ads and ideas!

Gislaine Vincent

I just love what Jamaica did with the Christmas balls. Isn`t it just great? Thanks for the inspiration!

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