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hee hee - these totally crack me up and definitely different than anything I have seen. I bet I can make a silly game for my boys to play - pin the moustache on daddy's photo!!! or go hog wild with some photos.


hilarious! love 'em.

Alycia Sanders

haha, those are hilarious! love them!

Jessica Barnett

As a mom to four boys, I have to say that these are AWESOME!! Oh my goodness, can't wait to get some!

greta adams

def on my shopping list...i could have some fun with those


hahahah! the boys have been playing with the one from egg press since the show...these are perfect!

Amy B.

Too funny! Can't wait to see them in person...or on a person!


I LOVE these...so much!!


oh no those are going to be fun!!!!! LOL

Nancy from Conroe

awesome! I too must have some of these!


Love them! I cant wait to get some!


Totally hilarious!!!


oh yes you did! And how funny, love it!!


oh wow, these are sooo funny! =)

kim whitten


how fun are these going to be????
Love it!

Angelica Turner

These are so funny, they are going to be loads of fun.


oh that is hilarious indeed!

Jessica Hood

Yes!!!! So awesome!

Jennifer Schultz

you guys are killin' me!


lots of fun possibilities for those!!


Oh my golly gee. What a cool idea. These are ridulously uber cool. And the fun I will have with these.

Glenda Tkalac

I know how much fun I've had with the wings but these SCREAM fun!!! Plus they crack me up!!


OH YA! This is gonna be fun! I might even dig out those old boyfriend pics and rub ons on those..> Teee Heee!


Those 'staches are the cutest!!! I can see lots of possibilities for those! ;)LOL

How about some wigs, too?


oh my god!!!
this is so perfect for funny guys like my brothers...

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