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Breanne Crawford

a little tutorial on how you made the pillows would be AMAZING ;) *hinthint*

Sandrine alias Didine

Oh pleas please please can you tell me how you use the rub-on on fabrics ?? I'm a sewer and I have you rub-on and would love to use them in my creations ! What do you call modpodge ?? I'm a french speaker and don't exactly know what it is ?! can you wash the cushions after ?? Thank you sooooo much again for sharing all your creations ! Smooches

heather fuentes

it was SO great to finally meet you in person! and i LOVED the booth!

Green Frog

Allison - it is ALWAYS great to see you and I sooooo want to make those awesome pillows too! The new products are DIVINE! :) You rock :) love!


LOVE, love, love your products! Great to see Traci too!



You're back from CHA ,,, come on Allison ,,, I know you want to show us all what the new product is!!! *wink*

amy tangerine

Your pillows rock.
and you are rocking your amy tangerine tee.

Nicole S.

Will you email me if you decide to post a tutorial on the pillows? I've never heard of putting rub-ons on fabric.


The pillows are awesome!

Sarah L. M. Adler

Wow, those pillows are incredible! I am getting so many ideas of other fabric applications for the rub-ons. Aprons, tote-bags, wallets...oooh, so many inspirations. I concur: Please post a mini-tutorial on how to apply/seal the rub-ons using the modge podge. I can't wait!!!

Mary L. Holshouser

Hadn't thought about using the rub-on's on fabric. Glad you posted that idea. I'll have to try it. Keep the good ideas coming.

shop storage ideas

those pillows are fabulous! and i love the colors of the closet! very creative!

Judy Stocker

Love 'em all! This looks like a new art I need to learn more about!

Cathleen H McKenzie

I love the rub ons with the Owl and Birds THE BEST ! Can't wait to get these littlt guys on my Cards.
Cathie Mckenzie

Michele Weis

I live in northern Ontario Canada and only recently signed up for the craft critique newsletter which led me to your site today and I am so happy to find your rub-ons. Never seen anything like them, can't wait to show my local crafty gal pals! My mind is bursting with ideas for the chandeliers, turn tables, and golden tea pots AND you have give aways too!
Hambly has made my day... now to find out where I can get them... Love everything!

Annie Wolfe

I love all the color!! but especially the butterflies, and the animals......and the dandelions.......I cannot pick just one.
The Rub Ons are amazing!!


Ransacked Goods

Love those pillows. Can't wait to give those rub-ons a try.

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