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mandie segura

Oh my. These are stunning. Like Out-of-this-world! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Kathryn Johnson

Those are beautiful! I need the 411 on those flowers!

erin yamabe

oh, those are just beautiful, alison!

Nancy Wyatt

WOW!Awesome! Are you going to make me wish I was as creative as you were when I got married? hee hee. Look forward to more!

heather fuentes

YOU are a freaking genius. i still can't believe you carried glass flowers. STUNNING.

Anilu Magloire

I just saw them on MG's blog. OMG, Allison!!! You looked gorgeous and the pics came out insane!
Your bouquet is to die for.

Dawn Huntington

So beautiful! I wish I could get married all over again so I could use some of these wonderful ideas. I love how the pushpins make the candles look like they're all buttoned up for the occasion.

Denise Laborde

LOVED looking at the photos (on Grace's site too!) You are going to be so happy looking back at these for years and years and years and years (ok, you get my point!) Bises, D


OKAY! those flowers are just coooooool!


Gorgeous! Everything looks so wonderful. She did a great job with the photos.

Lois aka katesmum

WOW!!! I'm speechless!!

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