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Cathleen Smith

Love this! What a great idea for my porch!!

Ryann Salamon

The Hambly booth was one of my favorites at Winter CHA this year. I remember seeing it from afar and making a beeline for it. I thought the hanging lamps were brilliant!


I can't decide which I like better - the lace or the damask. Either way - this hack is made of 'win'!



Andrea MacDonald

OMG I love it!

Jan Hennings

these are awesome!


That is just awesome.. love the lamps... beautiful... That is for shure a thing to think of when I go to Ikea next time :) make rememeberlist, buy lamps that fit with my favourite Hambly overlays :)


What a great idea!:D I like the red overlays!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!


beautiful & inspiring!

April Derrick

The lamps look great - very creative!


WOW!!! what an awesome project!


love it! great idea


That´s such a great idea and I love how you can switch the patterns to match when you change curtains =D


I don't see a hanging lamp like that on Ikea's website. Did you Frankenstein a few of the pendant lamps together?

Wendy Orme

I just love those lamps!

Ellie g

Ummmmm...this is FREAKIN' GENIUS! I adore this with every fiber of my being. Where in my house can I put one this very second? I won't be able to rest until I figure it out!


I have had a few of those square lamps in my closet for 7 years (yep, 7 years) and have never had a place to put them because of the cream color...now I know just what to do to make them work anywhere...fantastic idea!

Sasha Holloway

hmm and I am going to IKEA next month for their big sale here in UK


Love this! And it's sooo easy to do... thanks for the inspiration!

Michele @ The Scrap Shoppe

This is gorgeous!! I love that scrapbooking products are so verstile.


These are FANTASTIC!! I saw on Ikea's site that the lamps are individual. How do you put 5 together?



I am featuring this great idea on crazydomestic.com tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

Rita Davies

That is a great idea! Ummm.... dare I try? You have a knack for making it look simple to do. Thanks for sharing your great idea.

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'Fado' lamp....is Portuguese for 'Blues' lamp. Does it make you feel like the blues? ;-))) Thanks for the instructable. I'm thinking of making 1 of building a Asian bridge. Michel Portugal

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when i just saw the pictures initially i found this a little creepy but once i read the story and got the context i really like it. that's really clever.

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