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Becky Olsen

Great pics!!!
I love your belly shot with the lettering, so clever and completely adorable!!!
Hope she gets here soon, can't wait to see her!!



luv, luv, luv your baby bump photo...sooooo creative!!! enjoy the time left before your baby girl arrives... xoxo


beautiful, Allison! congrats again and I hope you have a wonderful birth experience!

hang in there: the first two months--as I'm sure everyone has told you a million times--tend to be the hardest with a newborn. when she is a little older, the memories of the exhaustion and chaos of the beginning will be practically non-existent and you won't believe how much easier it gets as you find your flow, routine, etc!

hope that didn't sound like a stressful comment - not my intention!!

Shirley K.

Exciting! Hope everything goes well when it's time.

rebecca abad

she is almost here!


You both look adorable, and the room is so lovely! Yay for making the best out of it! :)

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