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She's adorable. I'll be at CHA with my new bundle. He's 4 weeks old. We'll have to chat about setting up a feature week again now that you're back in action. See you soon.


So truly adorable :)
(and I love her dress in the 1st image) :)


SO PRECIOUS!! Thanks for updating your blog! :-) She is an angel!!


this are all great photos, please don't mind if I add my blog for all of those looking to be a mom over 35. I have some great tips.


Ruth Pfeiffer

You have a beautiful little girl. I have a grand son that will be 4 months old next week and holding him brings back a lot of memories from when my children were babies. There are cherrishable moments. My grand son's mom is a thirthy something mom also and I am a almost sixty something grandmom. Being a mom never leaves you once you become one.

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