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Any of it!!! I'd buy it all. Definitely the hexagons and the grey and yellow but I really do love everything you've made and designed


All of it! So are these actual fabrics or are you just getting ideas?? I would totally buy these. :)

Kim Sanderson

These are awesome I would love anything made out of your designs!!

allison kreft

Crystalcake - this is fabric I had printed at Spoonflower.com I wanted play with it a bit and see how it turned out. I might open a public shop there soon to make it available for anyone to purchase.


I love your designs and love sewing, so the combination is wonderful! Please let us know where they'd be available. For my dd's room I'd love some of your everyday eclectic designs. Chevrons of white and woodgrain and the white paper with pink stars, and of course the hot air balloons, and kraft with white doilies and the mint with woodgrain design. Okay, so I want a lot of them. Can't wait to see what you launch.

Tanya Batrak

OMG! They are amazing ♥

Kayla F.

Love! I would learn how to sew to use your fabric!

Carol W.

Fantastic! Love the ones pictures! Please let me know where and how I can get my hands on them. I'm really into grey and yellow chevron and the pattern paper (yellow/grey) from your Composition and Color collection. Can't wait to see more.

Jen Rzasa

These are gorgeous! I wish I had them to sew up some headbands and handbags! Hehe

Penny Smith

It's a fabulous idea!! I love several of them actually!! Please post and post again when you do it so I don't miss it!!


If at all possible I'd love to see you do a fabric with those cute onsies you did when you were with Hambly. They'd be perfect for a throw for my little one.

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